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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Do you SEE?

I remain in the waiting. It's amazing how a simple knee surgery has turned in to life-threatening blood clots, pulmonary embolisms, and a possible cardiac diagnosis. And I thought this surgery would be easy! At the present time I have five phone calls in to doctors awaiting answers. My return to work is still in limbo. My heart is tired. And I don't understand the purpose of this trial, yet. I'm still marching around my Jericho. 

Earlier this week, my mom and I were studying Joshua's conquering of the great city of Jericho as found in Joshua chapter 6. Moses is gone and now Josh is the man in charge. His first task is no small one: It's to defeat the great, fortified, powerful city of Jericho. Jericho - as in the first walled city in history. The Israelites had never seen anything quite like it. Scholars and Bible researchers believe the walls totaled seven stories high. (That's about 70 feet.) Can you imagine what the Israelites felt like that the base of those walls? Small, weak, insignificant, incapable, scared - probably. 

What struck me was verse two, "See, I have given Jericho into your hand, with its king and mighty men of valor." Next came the marching orders and how on the 7th day they were to blow their trumpets and give a great shout and watch the walls will fall down flat, giving Israel victory over the city.

But, at that point, nothing had happened yet. No victory. No organization of the army. Nothing. And the Lord says to Joshua, "SEE?" 

[See: perceive with the eyes or discern visually] 

No, Lord. I do not see. Quite frankly, I see a 70 foot wall. I see an army that makes me feel intimidated. I see the fear in the men I am leading. I see how impossible this situation looks. I don't even begin to see a victory yet!

Unlike me, Joshua didn't negotiate with the Lord. He confidently set about and followed the Lord's instructions. While he did not SEE the victory with his physical eyes, he could perceive it through eyes of faith. 

Joshua's confidence was a decision based upon what God had done for him in the past. 

Joshua was there when God parted the Red Sea. He saw manna fall from the sky. He was familiar with the cloud and pillar of smoke. Joshua watched water gush from the rock. He saw the glow of Moses coming down from the mountain… He was well aware of God's goodness and faithfulness to him and to the rest of God's people. If you stop and think about it, I bet you've seen God's faithfulness in the past too.

By faith, Joshua showed up to the battle. He followed the instructions and trusted God's timing. The unconventional battle style gave God 100% credit for the victory. I have found that more often than not, the God of this universe is moved to action by our faith. All He wants is our trust and obedience to show up, so He can show off. 

What is your Jericho? The impossible situation that you can't possibly conquer without the hand of God? Maybe a medical diagnosis. Depression. Addiction. Fear. Concern for a loved one. A marriage on the rocks. Bills that stack higher than your income. A broken family. Abuse... If you're human, you have one. Keep marching around it, trusting God to move.

We must learn to march in quiet obedience. 

There was to be silence during the march; except for the trumpets. We don't need to talk about how impossible our situation is. Or how crazy we think Joshua is for making us do something so dumb. Or how tired we are of walking. Or how scared we are. Or how long we've been at it. The command for quiet was for their own protection against the enemy of Satan. Quit talking about your Jericho for the world to hear. Quit posting it on social media. Quit confessing with your mouth how unhappy you are. Don't give the enemy a foothold like that! March quietly and obediently as you reflect on His goodness to you in the past.

Don't panic if you don't SEE the victory yet. Through your physical eyes, you will only see the impossibility of it all. As believers, we work every day to view life through eyes of faith. Eyes that see with eternal perspective what is possible by the hand of God. Activate your faith eyes to SEE. Rather than fear, act with confidence that demonstrates faith in God's plan for your life - and His plan for your Jericho. 

"The one who called you is faithful. He will surely do it." 

You may not see it now. The walls of your Jericho will fall. Hang on to the promises found in God's word. It may look majorly unconventional to you, even downright crazy at times, but the design of it all is that 100% of the glory for your victory goes to God. 

                               Victory only comes by God's power. 

Until then, keep marching around your Jericho. Obedient, hopeful, quiet, full of faith in God's goodness. Victory doesn't come by your worrying, striving, trying, manipulating, conversing… So, give it up. Chill out. Choose to SEE through eyes of faith. God is faithful. He will surely do it. Keep marching.  Wait and SEE.

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